Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Skijoring & Sledding with Shiloh and Shelby Siberian Husky

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So we were out to have a bit of fun with the girls this past weekend. The sun was shining to brightly we couldn't pass up the opportunity. First we went Skijoring for a bit. Mind you, this is the first time I was ever on Cross Country Skis! My husband on the other hand, has gone before. We headed out and wow did we have fun! Of course. . . my husband did fall. . heeheh

The next day we decided to go have some more fun. We took a plastic sled and attached it to an old pair of cross country skis and let Shelby pull! WOW she is fast! The downside was, I had to use her Urban Mushing harness, which isn't as good as a crossback harness. Her new harness should be here soon!!

Anyway, enjoy the video! Thanks so much for watching!


  1. That looked like so much fun! If I still lived up north, I sure would try it! Oh, wait a minute.....I don't think My yorkie, Billy could pull me. Darn! Oh well.

  2. Of khourse woo know I think that looks PAWESOME!


  3. Looks totally like fun. We do not ski-jour, but do sled some and it is a lot of fun to do.

  4. The glee in your voice when you yelled "And he's down" was hilarious (he hee). Come on, you didn't fall once? Not that I've ever tried it.

  5. aww we just love your video
    thanks so much for sharing and let us join the fun
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the houston pittie pack

  6. I loved your video... with the fell and all!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. That looks totally pawsome!!! You two are really good at pulling your humans! We, on the other hand, would have to stop way more often to sniff stuff! Great job!


  8. We like to go snowshoeing. Mom wants to do skijoring but Dad thinks she should learn how to ski without dogs before adding dogs. He's so silly.