Friday, January 20, 2017

CLEANING A DOGS TEETH | #AskGTTSD 281 | Siberian Husky

Husky Time! How often should you clean a dogs teeth? Looking for advice on Dog Training, Advice on dog ownership, or have any other questions for us? This is the video for that! It's time for Fan Friday! A day when you submit your questions to us using #AskGTTSD and next week we go through them and randomly answer them! If we don't get to your question, just ask again next week!
1:09 How often should you take a dog in to have their teeth cleaned?
2:48 Please do the try not to Howl challenge?
3:01 What is the cone you use on Memphis?
Kong Cone: 
Comfy Cone:
3:46 Do you ever worry your dogs will hurt themselves on the pip sticking out of your fire pit?
4:20 Can you do the Dog IQ Test
4:54 Is your older dog being energetic a breed thing? How is your old dog so active?
5:55 When are you taking down your Christmas Tree?
6:40 Will you ever come to Canada?
7:09 Why does Oakley have spots on her muzzle?
7:24 Why do you do the cooking videos?
8:06 Can you do more videos with Nora and Oscar?
8:27 When are you going on another adventure with your dogs?

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