Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shiloh and Shelby Host a T-Shirt Design Contest! Siberian Husky

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Shiloh and Shelby's Website!

Shiloh and Shelby need your Help!!
We want to Put up some T-Shirts but our paws just aren't the best for drawing! So we are asking YOU, our Fans to help us out!!

What we are looking for is a few fun T-Shirt Designs of Shiloh and Shelby!
We would like one with Both of the dogs on it
And then maybe one of just one of each dog on it.
Each shirt should also say somewhere on the shirt.

Please submit your drawings and ideas to
You can do hand drawn, computer drawn, scanned in, whatever you want to!

If we choose one of your designs, we will send you a T-Shirt with your design on it!!

We reserve the right to modify the designs as needed to make them work on a T-Shirt. If you send us scanned in artwork (which is fine by us!), we will modify it to make it look more like a cartoon so it will work better on a T-shirt. All artwork submitted becomes the property of Shiloh and Shelby (Those spoiled dogs), to do with it as they please! :)

Have fun with this one you guys!
The Event is also listed on facebook

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Jason Shaw @

Outro Music used with Permission
by Nathan Wills