Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Homemade Birthday Pumpkin Dog Muffins Siberian Husky Treats Recipe


  1. Fantastic video! And very yummy too! Lucky Huskies! Looks like you had a very Happy Birthday Shiloh! To blog hop, just go to the bottom of my posting, and click on "Click Here to Enter." You will type in your blog name & the url. Then, that will add you onto the blog hop. Then grab the code from the same area, and paste it on the bottom of your post, and that's all that's to it! Perfect timing with your recipe! Hope you'll join. PS - Love the footage of Shiloh and Shelby licking the batter off each other's noses! So cute!

  2. I can't stop drooling...those look so yummy! Are they only for birthdays? Because I think I could eat those anytime!

    You pups looked so funny licking all the spoons and utensils! I loved when Shelby's (?) nose popped up from behind the counter to get some licks from the beater!

    Thanks for sharing your recipe!


  3. Mmmmm, those sound yummy! We like how well woo supervised your mom, Shiloh & Shelby. And taste-tested the batter & icing too, of course. But the best part was how BIG your eyes got when woo got a finished pupcake! Mom thinks she would like these, I guess we could let her have one when we make em.

    jack & moo

  4. Wow! Those look totally yummy! You are so lucky to have a mommy who makes you such tasty treats!

    Holly and Khady