Thursday, January 7, 2010

New to this. .

Hello Interwebs! We are very new to this Blogging thing, but figured we better give it a try! Now that we have a fairly established channel on Youtube!

So let me tell you a bit about what we do. Shiloh and Shelby are our two Siberian Huskies. We try to upload videos to Youtube every Wednesday and Saturday. Basically you get to peak into the lives of our two Siberian Huskies. :)

You can Subscribe to our Youtube channel at
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We hope to hear from you!!


  1. Welcome to the blogging universe!

  2. Welcome to blogging puppers! I'll introduce you on my blog next week and see if I can get some friends to visit you :)

  3. Well Thank you. I am VERY new to this. . . Still not sure what I am doing. . .

  4. Hi my Husky friends ! I am the proud second follower of your new blog. Let me see, there is twitter, facebook and youtube that I can see you guys :). I don't want to miss a thing . Watching your videos and pictures make me feel not as sad to be without my 2 pups (both went to the rainbow bridge). Thanks for sharing with fellow dog lovers.... Kathy

  5. Thank you so much Kathy!!! We are VERY new to blogging, but I hope we can make this as entertaining as possible. I am glad that we can share out dogs with you. They bring us so much joy! I am glad we are able to share them with others!