Monday, January 11, 2010

Vote for Shelby
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Since Youtube has been having serious Loading issues, I decided to just make a short video with Shelby for today. We entered her into the Bissel MVP Photo Contest and we are hoping we can win! If we win one of the rounds, we have a chance at winning a 10k Donation to the pet Charity of our choice!! Many of you watched our video on our Local Shelter, they could reallly use the Money!! So that is where we would donate it!! So please help us out today and vote for Shelby! If she doesn't win, we are going to try one more time with a picture of Shiloh, so we may ask for you to vote again if that happens. We hope you don't mind! If you have submitted a picture of your pet to the contest, please send us a link and we will gladly go vote for you pet also!!

Here is the link to vote for Shelby in the Bissel MVP contest! The voting period ends on January 14th! Thanks for your support!

Thanks for Watching!

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