Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shiloh & Shelby go to PetSmart! Siberian Husky

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So since my Laptop broke and I am waiting on it to get shipped back from the warranty center, I decided it was time to upgrade my Desktop! So we headed over to Traverse City which is 135 miles away from where we live. We decided to take Shiloh and Shelby and treat them to a trip to PetSmart!

Shelby has never been in a PetSmart! So this was her first experience. Shiloh has been a few times in her life, so it wasn't anything new to her. They each picked out a few bones and were happy! So enjoy watching their shopping trip to PetSmart!


  1. I always know when we are THERE -

    I pull Mom to the door as khwikhkly as I khan!

    I do think Shelby saw some interesting 'things'

    I hope they had fun!


  2. How exciting!! Isn't that place like a total doggie HEAVEN?!?!!!

    Mom lets me pick out my own stuffies sometimes when we go too. I like that part!

    Khady Lynn

  3. Woo - amazingly, our humans do not take us in (something about bee having, whatever that is), but we do get to go in some non-foodable stores where the store clerks give us lots of attention.

    P.S. - Did you get to pick out a bird? Natasha says that would make things easier.

  4. 135 miles??? That's a long ride. We love to ride in the car too but we haven't been to Petsmart. Guess we need to talk to the Mom about. You two are very beautiful, glad to meet you.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  5. Khool trip! Mom takes me to Petco, it's where the pets go around here, ha-roo roor ooo. Hmmm, I don't think Miss Moo has gone to a store before. Roadtrip!

    a-roos to yous,
    jack a-roo & moo too

  6. Pet Smart and Petco are my favorite places to shop. Aren't road trips fun?

  7. Wooos! That is a very long ride to a petsmart, I used to go when I was young... but Mum does not take me there any more due to my seizure (I seizure when I get excited and she does not trust the other doggies who may hurt me there)
    I hope woo had fun!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  8. OMC!!! That was the cutest video! We loved Shelby with the Sun Conure bird! ADORABLE!!!

  9. We loved watching your video. We have never been into Petsmart - we reckon Martha would be terrified but we ought to try it!
    We see your mom talks to you in that voice our mum uses!!!!
    We loved seeing you with the bird - was that Shelby?
    That was very cute.
    Thank goodness it was safely behind the glass or it might have become a stuffie!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  10. My husband says we should get a bird. . . hehehe

  11. Hello there! Pawesome video and definite doggy haven! thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your comments! Have a great day!!


  12. The trip back was the best part! I've already subscribed a while back. I wasn't waiting for an invitation BOL

  13. Our favorite store is Paddywack. It's just a local store, but they always give us treats and it's not very big so it's easy to get into stuff when Mom or Dad isn't looking.

    I think you should have been pulling a lot harder. We usually look like cartoon characters, running in place, when we are at Petsmart. Last time, Dad tried to get me interested in a hamster.

    Kat enjoyed listening to the birdies in your video!