Friday, February 12, 2010

Woo Woooo Friday!

What a week it has been! My laptop arrived at the repair center today, so hopefully that will be fixed soon. I really miss it! So does Shelby! She always sits with me when I am on it. . and now she is confused because I am always at my desk instead of on the couch when I work!

We took Shiloh to the vet on Tuesday. She has a crack on both sides of her nose that is open and red. They told us that she may have a vitamin defficiency, but he isn't sure. He said she is on a really good quality food, so it might be something else. So I have to put A & D ointment on it for the next two weeks to see if it helps. So far. . it hasn't helped. He said the next step will be high does vitamins, and then if that doesn't work, he has to do some kind of biopsy. I tell ya, Shiloh has always been the one to give us the issues when it come to going to the vet. Every few months it's something new with her, since the day we got her! From Food allergies, to digestive infections, to anal glands being impacted, oh. . she has been a sick dog her whole life. Sometimes I just feel so bad for her!

Anyway, on a good note, we did go to the new Indoor Dog Park that is opening up in our area! We are friends with the owner, so we get sneak peaks! Tuesdays video will have a few shots of it in it. What fun that was. I was so happy to see Shiloh actually playing with other dogs. Normally she is a bit . . well. . shy hehehe.

So that is our week! Tomorrow we are going to watch the Thunder Bay Classic Sled Dog races not to far from our house. So that will be fun! Oh and tomorrow's video will be us making "Chocolate" Valentine Dog cookies! The girls helped me make them yesterday (and they are made with Carob, not chocolate duh!)

So happy Friday to all of our friends! We hope to gain more followers soon! Oh one more thing, we hi 300 subscribers on our Youtube Channel this week! How exciting! Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. An indoor dog park? Cool. I live in Cali and we don't have any close to us. When it rains for day, we can't do much. Congrats on your youtube progress. I have six subscribers myself. Isn't that impressive?

  2. We wish someone would open an indoor dog park here - that would be so incredible. It gets so hot here in the summer and our Mom doesn't like to walk in the winter if it is icy out there - indoor park sound pawfect.

    We hope you can figure out how to help Shiloh's nose, sounds very uncomfortable.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  3. Woo- Shiloh - it takes a Herd of us to rack up vet bills, so we are impressed you can do that all on your own.

  4. They are going to call it the K-9 Clubhouse! Isn't that adorable! We don't have a Dog Park anywhere near us. Closest one is about 265 miles away. So this is a huge step for our dinky town! And I am just fortunate enough to know the owner! hehehe

  5. hey Shelby and Shiloh,

    An indoor doggy park sounds like lots of fun! I hope you meet a lot of new fur friends to play with!

    Sorry about your nose, Shiloh and I really hope it gets better fast. Could it be that perhaps the dry indoor heat is exaggerating the condition? Sorry you have had so many health issues. That is not fun and it makes me sad you are going through all that stuff. But, at least now you will have a fun new place to play to take your mind off of your health troubles!


  6. I like to sit with my mom when she is on her laptop too, but I try to shove it out of the way so I can have her undivided attention.