Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Justice for Bear Bear! Siberian Husky shot by Federal Officer!

Justice is needed for a Siberian Husky named Bear Bear.  Retweet this, facebook it, email it, anything you can do to get National attention to this story!  

Bear Bear was shot at a dog park near his home.  He was playing off leash in the fenced in area of the park, when an off duty Federal Officer, came in with his German Shepard on leash.  Bear Bear of course, wanted to play, and went over to the new dog.  The Officer thought the dog was playing to hard, and asked the caretaker (the owners brother), to call the dog off.  When he didn't move fast enough (wasn't even given enough time), the Federal Officer pulled out a gun and Shot Bear Bear.  

"Rettaliala said that after the officer shot Bear-Bear, the dog didn't yelp or cry, just lay down in the grass, bleeding heavily. "He just went and laid down," she said. "I just can't get over it and I don't think it's being taken seriously because it was an animal involved.""

This is an outrage.  Make sure you go and read the article.  This dog did NOTHING wrong.  According to the owner, when animal control came to check the shepard dog, he had NOT ONE SCRATCH!! No blood, no bite marks, not scratches, no injuries.  The dogs were playing, that is all.  It was not aggesive at all.  And on top of that, the Shepard was ON LEASH!  The Officer could have left the situation, but instead he felt the need to take the live of a beloved Dog.

This dog was a Rescue from Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue.  Tails of the Tundra on Facebook  And there is a bit more information and updates going on on their facebook site.

For anyone that would like to contribute to Bear's owners medical/legal costs you can donate directly through PayPal. The e-mail to enter is

As I get more information on where we can start emailing, mailing, and filling complaints, I will let you all know.  This is a horrible situation.  This dog did not deserve to die.  The Officer should be charged with something!  

Here are some other articles on this situation


  1. We are outraged at this officer's behavior. Why on earth would anyone think it a good idea to take a GUN to a dogpark? If he was that fearful, he should NEVER have taken HIS dog there in the first place. And for cripes' sakes, the guy's dog was leashed!!! Couldn't he have walked away???? The level of his stupidity is daunting.

    jack & moo & mom

  2. I think we are missing the point here. This Fed. shot Bear Bear because he #1. Could and #2. Knew he would get away with it. More and more we are seeing the overt contempt for regular people by Government/police. This man should have been strung up with every law in the book. Imagine if you or I discharged a pistol in a park and didn't even shoot something. We would be facing stiff penalties. I am really sorry to have seen this happen. A 120 years ago that cop would have received swift justice probably by being shot by the owners!
    Wake up sheeple we need to put an end to this type of behavior which happens on a daily basis here in America.

  3. cops are useless.
    what do they do exactly..
    solve most are solved by tips
    prevent better job than a neiborhd watch can do.
    put thier life on the line.......people who work 7/11 have far more hazardous job. they actually provide a service