Friday, March 12, 2010

Siberian Husky Sentenced to Death because of Two-Leggers Stupidity



  1. Some things are just SO unfair. Poor pup. Why do people always have to blame on the pups?:(

    Teddy Bear

  2. I understand. Having pitbulls I hear way to many of these stories. It breaks my heart everytime

  3. Please DON'T feel the need to apologise for this -

    When we first heard about this one, the same FLAGS went up - who leaves an infant that is only ELEVEN DAYS old on a bed in a CAR SEAT?

    We feel so badly for the dog because they are not at fault here PERIOD -

    I'd say more but the entire story makes me sad and sick to my stomach -

    Thanks for sharing -

    Khyra's Mom

  4. We are having trouble getting our comment to post but third time lucky!!!!
    We completely agree with you and understand how you feel.
    Humans are responsible for the safety of both children and dogs.
    These cases are always tragic and sometimes it seems the dog becomes the easy scapegoat.

  5. That is horribly sad and so very tragic. I am with you all...WHY would they ever leave their baby alone??? I just don't understand people. As we all know, Huskies play rough with their toys and may very well have wanted to play with disastrous results since they were left alone together. No dog should ever be left with a baby or child. Where were the 4 people??? Now a poor innocent baby and the poor Siberian Husky are gone. For what reason??? Oh, I feel so sick.

  6. It's your blog and you say what you want to. Otherwise, keep a journal. How does that sound. I, for one, love to read diverse views whether I agree or not, is irrelevant. I happen to agree today. Usually the parents to get jail time in situations like this. No consolation to anybody. :(

  7. My take on this is that the dog is better off at the bridge, where he is understood and appreciated, and the parents will get their just deserts (not desserts) in time.

    My terriers try to silence the squeakers on toys (and are successful.) I shudder to think what they might do to a baby who cried.

    Dumb people.

    Gussie's Muzzer

  8. The adults and the parents in this case ARE responsible for something that CAN be and SHOULD have been avoided.

    It's just so sad and tragic......


  9. Thanks everyone! I know sometimes people can be offended easily. . but I had to write how I felt. . it makes me feel a bit better. It is sad and tragic, two lives lost because of irresponsibility! Ugh!!

  10. welcome to the woggie world ush pibbles have to live wiff everyfurry day
    two leggers are just plain stupidness sometimes
    and WE have to pay for it
    we are furry shad to hear thish

  11. You are so right! It's not right no matter what the breed of dog! There is no such thing as a "bad" dog, only a BAD OWNER!!!

  12. Woooos! Do not feel bad for ranting, it is a sad day when the humans do not take care of there own baby and there own dog. Bad humans!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful